We have imagined our wine club as a meeting place, where you can discover excellent bottles and flavors, where you can continue the Tuscan and Italian experience even at home, in the days, months, and years following the first visit to the "Bottega della Scuderia" or to our land.

By joining the club you will have access to offers reserved for members: wines of exceptional and unrepeatable vintages, bottles unfindable on the, wines of the terroir produced in a few bottles.

We will share with youu the bottles selected directly by Stefano, owner of the Bottega dell'Antica Scuderia and the Ristorante Ristoro l'Antica Scuderia, near Badia a Passignano.

How the club works

By joining the club of true wine lovers you will receive a monthly selection of the best Tuscan and Italian wine labels.

All of these wines are chosen to provide club members with access to the limited production labels that would not be possible to find elsewhere.

Each bottle selected is accompanied by a description made by Stefano: you will feel like you're inside the Bottega, ready to explore the Italian wine scene.

Each month you will have access to a different selection, exclusive and reserved for you, which you can buy comfortably: we ship all over the world and we will make sure that every fine bottle arrives in the best conditions at your home.

Each order must contain a minimum of 6 bottles chosen by you. Sign up for free and become part of an exclusive community and club.